Welcome to Mark's Astrophotography Page. I have been taking photos of the sky since I was in college back in the mid-70's. Back then, I was using 35mm film cameras. Nowadays, I use digital cameras which make the process of taking astrophotos much faster and easier. I hope to put lots of photos with text onto this site. This site is mainly intended to share my astrophotos with my fellow astronomy club members, but hopefully everyone else can enjoy it also. Use the index on the left side of the page to navigate to the different sections of my site.

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M81 through the Genesis

M81 - a spiral galaxy in Ursa Major was taken through my Televue Genesis refracting telescope. This photo was made from 29 two minute exposures using my SBIG ST-402 CCD camera on Feb. 9, 2013. They were captured using MaximDL and then combined together and further processed using Photoshop CS2. I was following the processing steps outlined in the book "The Zone System" by Ron Wodaski. DDP was not used.